CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

Full o' Fail

It was snowing today, so I tried to take another awesome first snowfall picture to demonstrate how awesome it looks when it's snowing. Awesome. Anyway, as you can see, there was just lots of fail with this picture:

No snow. But I guess it's a nice picture of the backside of where I work? The Casino (in case that wasn't obvious)! No, it's just full of fail, I know.

Instead, I present you with this poem I just wrote. It's called Sittin' in ma Bed:
Sittin' in ma bed doin' nothin'
This generator me insults:
Words and phrases that rhyme with nothin: (0 results)
Sorry, no perfect rhymes were found.

Can't write when I'm not feeling so profound
Should not be writing my stupid NaNo story slower than a snail
My stupid poem is full of fail
Well, stop whining, you nerd
You only need like a thousand words times a third
Sittin' on my butt doin' nothin'
Still can't find a stupid rhyme for nothin'
Now that was shockfull of pure win.

Since nygoldfish54 whines whenever I don't periodically post something in a language she knows, I've got an entire entry in English for ya:

My forced vacation starts after Thursday's night shift, so here are my current plans for it (except sleeping a lot and starving):

- On Friday I will visit the casino as a guest for the first time. Way interesting. The restaurant have a shellfish buffet that Julia and I decided to go to.
- Another co-worker, Nathalie, is leaving for New Zeeland on Wednesday next week and her goodbye party is also on Friday.
- Julia and I were planning to go on a cruise next week, but the people I invited that wanted to go couldn't on the date we set, so I'm going to plan it for some other day. Instead, we decided to just hang out, drink, shoot some pool, and there were discussions of a Jacuzzi - all things I'm very supportive of.
- Mom mentioned a stupid flea market. I'm sure she'll force me to go, and I'll feel bad and won't say no. Oh, sorry, I guess that rhymed. It was unintentional, though. Kinda.
- If I'm forced to sell stuff (my own worthless stupid crap that I'd rather throw away but am not allowed to because my mom is cheap and won't even let me buy new kitchen stuff because she has a box full of 'em at home) I'm also planning to visit my grandparents. I say that every time I go home. It was two years since I last saw them. Hooray for me.
- Will also schedule a play date with Stinky, if the flea market thing happens. Which it probably will. (Dalarna sucks, do whoop, do whoop.)
- Petra and I have plans to drink a lot wine.
- Jennie is staying with me for a few days, and we will do awesome and fun stuff all weekend and you will be jealous and we will laugh at you and it will be awesome.

I guess that was it. Flea market, Stinky, best friend play date, lots of drinking. Check.

There was some confusion about Stinky. Just to clarify: Stinky is not the name of my mom's dog. His name is Stig-Inge. Nickname: Sting. I call him Stinky against everyone's wishes. Because sometimes, he stinks.

Not on this picture, though.

Got it? Awesome. I will continue to write on the greatest novel ever written now. And you will be jealous and I will be laughing oh, who am I kiddin?
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