CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

Style by Cecilia

Some fashion tips from a ragged sissy.

I was still in a bit of pain today, so I didn't put a lot of effort into getting dressed or fix myself before going to the movies. Or any effort, whatever.

But what the hell, Today's Outfit might inspire someone not to go out in public wearing the same. (Not that the chance of that is very great.)

1) The light blue shirt I spent all day in yesterday while I was dying slowly on the couch, but didn't sleep in
2) That one sweater Veronica Mars doesn't wear in more than one episode. I swear this is true. (Some day I will find you, stupid sweater.)
3) The grease-stained and therefore ruined grey pants. I love them, but the only reason I wore them out in public was because they were loose in the waist and didn't hurt to walk around in
4) Beige non water-resistant sneakers
5) Socks with some kind of lame cartoon animal/teddy bear. I'm almost sure I didn't leave the apartment wearing different socks on each foot, though

6) Pigtails. More creative than a ponytail, but it doesn't make me prettier at all. It makes me five years old again
7) One million hairpins to keep the five loose strands of hair out of my face
8) The brown/green (depending on the light) parka I got last year that so doesn't fit together with any of my other clothes. I should have just worn it by itself
9) The bag my mom made for me a few years ago
10) No makeup but mascara. I washed my face, though

I'll resist the urge to list everything I had in the bag, I promise.

I'm not putting up a photo of this disastrous combination, so you'll just have to do with a shot of one of the pigtails.

When I get sick, I put comfort before appearance. Or trash before style, however you like to put it.
Tags: clothes & shopping: today's outfit, clothes & shopping: veronica mars's bag, health & looks: hair, tv & movies: veronica mars
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