CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

NaNo '08: Final Wordcount

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
43,208 / 50,000

I'm a little disappointed even though I spent twelve days in the middle of the month not writing at all. I'm such a baby.

nygoldfish54 managed to win, though, and this is her first year participating. That's something. Congratulations! :)

(Two seconds ago:
Campciabatta (23:59:44): i didn't wiiiiiiin
NYgoldfish54 (23:59:55): i'm sooooorrrrrryyyyyyy
Campciabatta (00:00:03): i suck.
NYgoldfish54 (00:00:16): i tried to tell you
Campciabatta (00:00:39): sniffle
NYgoldfish54 (00:00:49): sorry dude
Campciabatta (00:00:54): SNIFFLE
NYgoldfish54 (00:00:59): SORRY
Campciabatta (00:01:24): haha i spent twelve days not writing at all and now i'm sulking
NYgoldfish54 (00:01:34): yeah?
Campciabatta (00:01:48): you didn't notice?
NYgoldfish54 (00:01:50): i know
NYgoldfish54 (00:01:56): i was just being poliiiite
Campciabatta (00:03:01): and i was sarcastic. sheesh
NYgoldfish54 (00:03:12): then stop sniffling
NYgoldfish54 (00:04:43): what are you doing now?
Campciabatta (00:05:03): i'm being a graceful loser. shut up)
Tags: friends & family: kristine, writing: nanowrimo
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