CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

101: 2008

Update on the 101 list.

Accomplished tasks:
01. Sort out my life and stop being a homeless person
02. Move in with Jennie (before 2009)
05. Open all mail immediately the day I get it and keep all important papers in the important-paper folder
06. Watch one new movie every month with a friend [Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, High School Musical, Mamma Mia!, The Day the Earth Stood Still, various rentals]
16. Buy a laptop and a flat screen TV
25. Own a real bed and not the kind where the legs could cave in at any moment
32. Drink milk twice a week and a glass of water every day [I might have missed one day here or there but I mostly remember]
35. Go to the optician and force the bastard to fix my sight
39. Spend more time outdoors and go outside at least once every day [Same as #32, haha]
43. Remove my makeup before bed and use skin care products
47. Not lose my patience to the point of screaming in a guest/customer's face
51. Plan a great party and/or present for Mom's 50th birthday (July 13th 2008) [She got the trip to Rome]
52. See Jennie at least once every third month
55. Plan things to do with Mom (and she has to like some of the things we do, too) [Flea market, Rome, trips to cemetaries and flower stores]
56. Visit grandparents once every year unless they die or something [only visiting one of them still counts]
58. Answer all letters, E-mails and text messages within three days of receiving them
65. Call Mom at least twice every month
66. Go on a real vacation with Mom (preferably in another country but doesn't have to be – other people should probably come too so we won't kill each other) [Rome, and nobody died]
76. Visit amusement parks at least once every year [Gröna Lund with Sara and Daniel]
85. Take more pictures
86. Organize photos and put them in albums
88. Read at least one new book every month
89. Make a blog entry at least once every month
93. Set up new stock portfolio
96. Get a grownup debit/credit card (Bank Visa)
97. Pay off my Mastercard every month


On the way:
19. Sell all the things I have no use for anymore
26. Learn how to juggle and/or learn a cool trick [A co-worker promised to teach me but he hasn't gotten around to it yet]
27. Keep a plant alive for more than three months [Two froze to death, but the one I got from Olga and the new one is still alive]
31. Take a walk every month
40. Go to the dental hygienist twice a year – and floss (preferably more than twice a year) [It would go better if they would stop cancelling my appointments]
46. Stay at the same company for at least two years (not sure how to combine 45 & 46… magic?) [Going on month sixteen now]
53. Meet up with a friend at least once every week [I try, but sometimes it doesn't work out with my hours]
54. Visit Kristine and Kathleen [Saving money for New York]
60. Visit the cemetery at least once a year and plant a flower or lit a candle without starting a fire
73. Visit at least five different countries [Two down, Spain and Italy]
77. Go to five concerts [Coldplay concert in August]
80. Participate in NaNoWriMo '08 & '09 [Participated but lost this year]
94. Save at least 10% of my paycheck every month and put all spare change in Mr. Piggy and not buy Coke for every 5.- I get my paws on [I saved but had to use the money for the trip to Rome]

Complete and utter failures:
15. Read more of my friends' stories (at least one every month)
20. Learn how to drink wine elegantly and enjoy drinking without getting drunk
33. Eat better/healthier/more than once a day
34. Cook my own meal at least once every week [I won't bother]
38. Go to physical therapy for my foot within three months
44. Not have more than three major differences a year [Maybe next year]
67. Buy nice birthday/Christmas presents for all the people I care about (especially Mom/Jennie/Patrik/Mathias/Malin) [Christmas sucked, but Jennie and my mom got presents for Christmas/their birthday]
68. Send at least five holiday cards and send them in July instead of December
78. Write more (500 words every week)
83. Write a part every week for the story I'm currently working on

84. Figure out where the library is and then visit it once every month [Eh, I'll buy whatever I want to read, easier]
90. Update the website at least once every third month
91. Play the lottery/Lotto at least one week every month (and win) [Mwha!]


More end of year stuff later.
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