CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

New Year's Eve 2008

One way ticket to Uppsala. I met up with Petra and Mathias after work.
The casino did not own my ass this particular day.

Funny thing #1 happened right away:
Petra and I wore almost the exact same outfit, down to the same black knit cap.
Great minds think alike.

I was on painkillers for my tooth and general post-traumatic stress.
Vodka, aspirin and Sprite. Mix 'em together and all troubles are gone.
(Mathias said it was okay to mix them. Petra said it wasn't. Eh.)

The cats rocked the house.
I think the black one has the tip of his ear left, so that's probably Pekka. Unless I confused them again.
Petra had decorated her house for Christmas. I thought it was pretty.

This was my Christmas present for Petra.

We put glitter spray in our hair but it doesn't show well.
It just looks like my hair is very dirty.

By midnight we were outside and drank champagne and watched the fireworks.
It was very cold but it was fun. Even though it looks like I wanna go home.

The sexy pose of the night.
(I'm wearing the shirt that's from the same collection as the one I sent to nygoldfish54.)

The after party began around 03.30 (I checked the time stamp).
We started eating lots of noodles. Petra had to be at work at 09.30.

I woke up to this sight.
Cat butt in my face and claws in my stomach.

Amiga found the leftover plate of noodles on the table...

...but I totally busted her.

I probably forgot a ton of fun things we did.
I had the best time ever. Big New Year's Eve parties are so overrated.
It doesn't get more dignified than this, I swear.

(And my year just have to be great because I was wearing my very best Hello Kitty panties the entire night.)
((Someone told me it's good luck to wear your best underwear on the first day of the year.))
Tags: animals & nature: pets, friends & family: kristine, friends & family: petra, traveling & holidays: new year, xxx
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