CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

What I've Done:

Got all flustered at Arlanda Airport.

Packed my bag with the stuff of awesome.

Went to Monaco and looked at very big boats.

Took pictures of fancy cars to please Jennie.

Between all that (or after, more like) Jennie and I managed to watch season three of The O.C.. I don't know how I get the time to do everything.

I've been working like crazy since I got home. I hurt everywhere and overslept this morning. And I wish I was back in France.

Faramir shares my opinion.
(And if Éowyn approves of him, so do I. 'Cause she is le awesome.)
Tags: books & authors: the lord of the rings, friends & family: jennie, traveling & holidays: france, traveling & holidays: monaco, tv & movies: lord of the rings, tv & movies: the o.c., xxx
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