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Books - Currently Reading

1) The Hammer of Eden by Ken Follet (EN)
2) The Fellowship of the Ring/The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien (EN)
3) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/Män som hatar kvinnor by Stieg Larsson (SWE)
I finally finished reading The Hammer of Eden last week. It was sort of my safety blanket, because I started reading it at work two days after Christmas Eve and it kept me busy during breaks and lunch when I wanted to be by myself and not feel freaked out. I snuggled up in one of the semi-comfy chairs behind the glass doors in one of the small break rooms and found this book (I don't own it) and began leafing through it because I was bored.

It's about a group within a commune that wants to prevent their valley from being flooded, so they threaten the government with earthquakes. The leader, who is an illiterate psychopath, plans to steal a machine that can accomplish this threat, and he is being chased by a female FBI agent who falls in love with the dude who knows stuff about earthquakes (or something).

Since I only have fifteen minute breaks twice a day, it took a while to finish it. It was exciting and it made me late a lot of times, but I can't really tell exactly what it was I liked about it. The female FBI agent was far too perfect and most of the technical stuff with the 'seismic truck' or whatever it was (see, I can't even remember the name of the vehicle, even though it was mentioned millions of times throughout the book) confused the hell out of me. But it was easy to read without having to look up a ton of words, like I used to do when I read my first English fiction.

The characters were a bit exaggerated, and I liked reading about the bad guys better than the annoying FBI agent, who wanted a career but only until she would start having kids, at which point she would resign. I hate when female characters are described as perfect just because they willingly sacrifice themselves and their career as soon as they start a family. Idiots.

Anyway. I preferred reading about psychopaths and terrorists (I always do). And even though I have a tendency to read the ending before I get to it, I was still surprised by a major twist. I'm kind of interested in reading more books by the author, Ken Follet, especially The Third Twin, which seemed similar to this book. Hopefully I can find it in English, because I prefer reading books in their original languages. (Not really true, I love reading Swedish books in English, because I want to see how it gets translated.)

I'm actually not done with The Fellowship of the Ring yet, even though I started reading it this summer. I just started reading the sequel anyway, so I'm reading them both at the same time. Kinda confusing, but I like that a lot from the movie makes more sense and gets explained. I'm looking forward to the third installment, mostly because that's my favorite part of the movies. I'm not going to read it until I finish The Two Towers though. Hopefully.

(Frodo is also a lot less annoying in the books, which bodes well for me and my future autobiography.)

The third book I'm currently reading is a Swedish crime novel by deceased author Stieg Larsson. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (original title Män som hatar kvinnor - Men who hates women) took me a while to get in to. I tried to find something that would make it interesting, but it doesn't really pick up until the second part of the book.

A journalist is asked to write a book about the history of a successful Swedish tycoon family, but it's actually just a cover story for him. His real job is to find out which of the family members murdered a sixteen year old girl thirty years ago. There's also a girl involved in the investigation, but I haven't gotten to the part where they've teamed up yet, so I don't know how it goes from there.

It's actually an uncomfortable book with lots of violence and creepy people. Unfortunately, I have more experience with disturbed sociopaths than I would like, and figured out the ending/main mystery 200 pages into the book (without having peeked at the last few pages, as I usually do). I mean, of course it was the most far-fetched and unpleasant solution. Duh. I even guessed who sent the flowers in the damn prologue, so it wasn't much of a surprise.

I ordered lots of books that I received in the mail yesterday. I'm covered up to my nose in comic books, non-fiction and young adult novels. Of course, I'll start with the comic books.
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