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25 + 17 Things Kristine Tagged Me To Do Ages Ago That I'm Just Getting Around To Posting

X-posted from Facebook.

1. I have a speaking impediment (which I guess is obvious if you've ever tried to have a conversation with me)
2. I hate all holidays and rather work instead of celebrating them
3. I have a dark sense of humor
4. I would never tell a friend's secret. I accidentally did once, and felt bad for weeks afterward
5. Money isn't very important to me. I don't care if I earn more or less money than anyone else, as long as I survive every month. I'll pay the tab or lend you money if you need it. It's just money after all.
6. I can memorize numbers and letters that I see in print, and remember them for a really long time, but I often forget names and faces immediately
7. I don't trust men and always expect them to be sociopaths until they've proved themselves otherwise
8. I look at everything through the eyes of a true cynic
9. All I wanted when I grew up was to have the life I have now. I never thought my life would turn out as well as it did. I'm living my dream right now, believe it or not.
10. I unintentionally get bitchy when I get nervous, which is why most people think I'm not so nice. I'm also not as daft as people seem to think I am
11. People think I'm a mellow, nice pushover but I actually have a bad temper and scream, stomp and slam doors when I get angry, mostly to keep from hitting someone. It just takes a while to piss me off to that degree because I'm excellent at oppressing my feelings and being tolerant of idiots
12. I don't care much if I gain weight because it won't make me stop eating what I want anyway. I just care when I can't fit into my favorite clothes
13. When I was little I wanted to be a hockey player. My dad wanted me to be a lawyer. Nowadays I just want to survive another year. I won't be anything else than what I am right now
14. I can eat a pizza in ten minutes if I'm really hungry
15. I either talk a lot and loudly, or very little and quietly
16. I hate flying. Not because I'm afraid, but because it's boring and cramped
17. People get the impression that I'm daddy's little princess and spoiled with his money. I've worked hard for my money and I don't hate anyone as much as I hate my 'daddy'
18. I'm a grammar nazi. I hate when people can't be bothered to spell (unless they really CAN'T spell; that's not laziness or stupidity, it's a learning disability - way different), don't care that they have typos or only type with lower case letters, especially if it's for something official at work. Unless I know them personally, I just write them off as complete idiots. I also find it unattractive when guys misspell text messages
19. I can finish Donkey Kong Country on SNES in less than an hour
20. I don't expect to ever get married or have children. I never have. I don't really believe in marriage
21. I'm loyal as hell and would never go behind someone's back, whether or not they're my friend
22. I know the song lyrics to most ABBA songs and a lot of songs from the '60s, '70s and '80s
23. I consider myself good-looking (minus my nose) but when I'm straight out of the shower you could mistake me for my own twin brother
24. Religion is a big scam to me, and I treat the Bible like any other fanfiction, but I have a strong belief in guardian angels
25. I'm really good at understanding other languages, even if I don't speak them
26. I want to learn fluent French. I also love cheese. But I think coffee is disgusting.
27. I like video games, comic books, cute pictures of animals, and soft teddy bears and I won't grow up
28. I avoid household chores like the plague, but I'm the one who unclog the drains, change light bulbs and fix all the tech stuff around the apartment
29. Animal cruelty makes me want to cry and I would (and have) tell a person off if I see them being mean to their dog
30. I don't like romantic or sad drama movies because they always make me cry, even if they suck
31. I get the wrong first impression of people but after a few months it usually turns out that I was right from the beginning
32. Growing up, I learned always to be suspicious of every situation. I'm not gullible or easily tricked
33. I've never had to dress up in a fancy dress or do my hair. I never went to prom
34. I help other people even if I don't know them. I'm helpful and generous
35. Sometimes I dress like a hobo when I don't care, but I can't go outside and feel good about myself if my hair isn't close to perfect
36. I hate flea markets, auctions and anything antique, it freaks me the hell out. Second hand stuff is just gross
37. I prefer being by myself and living alone. I've never relied on anyone
38. I don't forgive people who hurt me, my mom or my friends. They might think they're forgiven because I have to put up with them, but they never will be
39. I was twenty-two when I got my first boyfriend, nineteen when I was drunk for the first time and four when I learned how to read
40. When I was a kid I pretended to have bad hearing and sight during check-ups to get attention. When I became an adult, I got bad hearing and sight
41. I like reading the business section in newspapers and find out how the currency exchange rate changed from the previous day. I always read it thoroughly before moving on to the entertainment section
42. And as usual: I love my mom more than anything in the world and I would die for her if I had to
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