CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

Saturday, October 3rd, 20:30, 2009...

...are my brother and I going to see the Detroit Red Wings open the 2009-2010 NHL season against the St. Louis Blues.

We're *actually* going to see them play, for real, a real NHL game with real NHL players - this has been a dream of mine (can't speak for my brother but he seemed pretty excited when I mentioned I'd bring him along if I ever managed to get tickets) since for-frickin'-ever.

I love hockey more than anything, always have, and to see this game will be the highlight of this stupid year - no, this stupid LIFE - and it's going to be AWESOME.

I remember when I was a kid and just started to get into the game because I admired Nicklas so much, and no one at school believed me when I told them that he was my second cousin - my MOM told them that it was true, and they still refused to believe me. She even asked Nicklas' parents to get me a signed trading card (he wrote 'to Cecilia, best wishes Nicklas') so I could show it around.

And the first time he won the Stanley Cup (I still have TONS of clippings) and he brought it home for us to see - it was unbelievable. And then he did it again the next year, and then he made the amazing goal that settled the 2006 Winter Olympics and brought home the gold (Turin, February 26th, 16:09) and OMG this was supposed to be a short entry but OMG we're actually going to see them live. See them play. For real. My brother and I! See hockey! Live! Detroit! Childhood dream! Incoherency!

This entire entry should be in bold, all caps, exclamation points. Hockey!

This awesome jersey...

...and these two are going to the game. We! Not you! We!
Tags: cj & life: my childhood, friends & family: fredrik b1, friends & family: mamma, sports & hockey: detroit-st.louis '09, sports & hockey: nicklas lidström, sports & hockey: olympics 2006, xxx
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