CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

Killed by Olive in Rome

This was shot in Rome. My mom and I were hungry and she loves having mini-picknicks outside, so we went to a grocery store and bought bread, cheese, salami and killer olives.

Since we didn't have a cheese slicer, a knife/fork or napkins, we used plastic gloves to eat with. That's why it looks like I'm about to stick my hand inside a cow or something.

Le Transcript of the Attack of the Hot Olive
Mom: So! You can just stick your hand inside here and grab [one of these] and put them on [the bread].
Me: I'm taking my surgical gloves1 and... instead of napkins. You're not using your glove!
Mom: No, I have it [in the bag].
Me: I'm just a geek.
Mom: *laughs, probably because I AM a geek* And there's water down there!
Me: Awesome!
Mom: *continues to laugh* Were [the olives] any good?
Me: Uh-huh... But they were hot! Shit.
Mom: Which ones?
Me: Those black ones. Ah! What the hell! Aaah!

I think I'm calling out for my mommy right there at the end. Lucky she was already there, huh?


1) Orsaken till att jag uttalar 'kirurghandskar' som en tönt är för att jag inte riktigt kan uttala sch-ljud och r-ord i samma mening om jag inte art-ik-ul-erar ordentligt, alltså pratar långsammare än en auktionsutropare.
Tags: cj & life: speech impediement, food & restaurants: picknick, friends & family: mamma, traveling & holidays: italy, xox
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