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Things I want to figure out with this book (hopefully by reading it, because analyzing the whole thing will take for-frickin'-ever):
- What the deal is with all the birds. Mike's bird. Stan's birdwatching. Bev's sex birds (the word makes sense in my head, deal).
- If all the racial stereotypes are just in my head. The black guy being poor while all his white friends get really rich...
- ...and if it mattered that Stan was both Jewish and the one to slit his wrist when It returned.
- Why Eddie and Stan were the ones to die - was it predestined like everything else and what were the signs?
- Bill was happily married to Audra and still slept with Bev. Nimrod. (I kind of don't have to figure out why, because he's just a dirty man after all. All men suck.)
- The uninvited guests. Dude, uninvite them.
- The thing with Bill and Bev and Ben. I already read the ending (skimmed it, but I know what happens) but I favor Ben. Bill is just Gordie Lachance, after all. (And why is The Body's ending completely different from Stand By Me?)
- The deal with the turtle. The turtle rocks, because it's a turtle, but then what?
- Why Derry sucks so hard.
- Why that stupid clown have to turn up absolutely EVERYWHERE and freak me out?
I feel like this book is turning into the kind of book I have to read AGAIN once I finally finish it, just so I can pick it apart and find all the symbolisms and whatnot.

I read half of it during my vacation. At one point I probably dozed off, because I was suddenly jerked back to my own plane of existence when the clown prodded my left temple - hard - with his finger. Scared the hell out of me.

That goddamn clown.
Tags: books & authors: stephen king, tv & movies: stand by me
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