CJ (campciabatta) wrote,


I've had this journal for almost six years now,
And this is my 1000th LiveJournal entry. Wee!
So far, this is what I've accomplished:

Pretty much peppered people with tags and pictures, I guess.

I started writing (back when LJ used invite codes - got mine from GracefulFall who no longer keeps a journal; I passed my code on to nygoldfish54) when I was still living a miserable life in Avesta. I had just graduated without a diploma, I was living off my trust fund (which I drained pretty much within a year), had just moved away from home and had never had a boyfriend.

Back then, I was convinced my dad still loved me no matter what he put me through and that he wasn't a complete sociopath, and my grandfather was alive and didn't have Alzheimer's. I had no direction or ambition in life.

Some things change and some things don't - I never thought I'd make it to anywhere, but here I am. I received my diploma, I moved to Stockholm, I had my heart broken a thousand times (well, maybe not a thousand) and broke a few myself. I met people and lost people. I lost my grandfather and most of my family.

Now I can tell apart eighty different foreign currencies, drink eight vodka sours and still find my way home, tell you what Rome is like in the fall, live on noodles if I have to, work six night shifts in a row and still have time to ride the bus all day because I like it, and know that I can make it on my own.

There aren't many people who stuck by me during this ride, but the most important ones did (as obvious by the tags). My mom. Jennie. Kristine. You knew me then and you know me now, and I'm glad you do because I love you all.

Six years and a thousand stories later. Crazy.
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