CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

"Promise me you'll never die."

With all due respect to Yellow and Fix You (two of the songs I love the most in this world) but neither of them made me feel as alive yesterday as when the band struggled through the crowd up to the stage in the middle of the arena and began playing an acoustic version of Green Eyes.

I never, ever, ever, ever, EVER even considered the possibility that they would play it. Never crossed my mind. I was so excited that I could feel a lump in my throat and my heart was racing and I was shaking while I tried to film this entire performance.

Green Eyes turned my life upside down for three minutes last night, and I loved every second of it.

(And Green Eyes is also the song I associate with Jeff and Kate and a foreseeable romance that everyone but them foresaw. But this would only make sense to nygoldfish54 and me.)

Yeah, the spotlight shines upon you;
And how could anybody deny you...
Tags: friends & family: kristine, music & concerts: coldplay concert, writing: characters: jeff & kate
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