CJ (campciabatta) wrote,


This is my new tattoo at the moment.

I shall call him Blotchy.

It cost 1000 sek to make.

And it's still stickyeww.

I made it at East Street in Stockholm. I thought it would be a bit smaller, so it might take some time to get used to it (the guy who made it didn't show me the final result until he'd already placed it on my wrist) but I like it. It sort of feels like puppy!Cimmen or Stinky put his paw on my arm. And that is awesome.

Modeled directly after this paw, so blame the pup if the paw is crooked:

I plan to have done all the tattoos by the end of the year. I have the next appointment scheduled for next month. I've been thinking about this for years now, so if I still haven't changed my mind it's probably better to just go for it.
Tags: friends & family: cimmen, friends & family: stingen, health & looks: tattoos, xxx
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