CJ (campciabatta) wrote,


This week I've tried the following drinks:

+ Dry Martini - sucked ass
+ Whisky Sour - recommended by Viktor and Sofia and it was awesome
+ Margarita - nummy, but way too expensive
+ Grasshopper - tasted like candy so one is enough and it contains milk so I can't have it
+ Vodka Sour - duh
Next week is probably gonna be Whisky Sour Week. Or some kind of AA intervention. We'll see.

(I unwillingly agreed to a date that I'm probably gonna try to get out of because I don't wanna go and I really thought the guy didn't actually like me oh woe is me.)

I wish I wasn't so lovable.
Tags: drinking & partying: drinks, friends & family: sofia, friends & family: viktor, sex & relationships: dating
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