CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

"Here's what happened."

Killer mood. Not speaking to anyone because anything I say might lead to a fight. Had sushi earlier. And gyoza. Was nummy.

Watched Monk. And Superman Returns. Appreciated it more now than I did two years ago.

Supernatural was on and it was funny. I even laughed. Made me want to write.

Made old Lappy into a jigsaw puzzle now when Jennie doesn't want him. What a waste. Didn't get electrocuted though.

Re-coded the site. Was a hassle. Remembered most things. Had to research Ducks movies. Kind of nostalgic.

Now I want to write about dumbass things Fred would do to make Lex fall in love with him. As usual, this looks like it's turning into a Kate-story. About Fred.

Yes. Killer mood. Will be nicer to everyone tomorrow. I might even speak to someone. Probably Jennie. Everyone else still suck.

Tags: food & restaurants: sushi, friends & family: jennie, gaming & gadgets: hp (lappy), online & blog: website, tv & movies: drama shows, tv & movies: superhero movies, tv & movies: the mighty ducks, whining & woes: self pity, writing: characters: fred & lex, writing: characters: kate
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