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October has nothing more to offer me, so I'm skipping right to November (I wish I could do this for real sometimes).

- NaNoWriMo. I was planning to write the usual high school crap about Kate, but I finally know what to do for real. Plot, characters, the whole package. Kate will still be the plot twist, only she won't be in the story that much and she won't be the narrator.

- Moving. New apartment; Jennie and I seriously believe that we'll be gunned down during our stay there, but at least we get to be on Efterlyst (Sweden's Most Wanted).

- Money. I have so much debts to pay off next month that I won't be eating until December. The housing agency fee, rent for both old and new apartment, electric bill, credit card bill, savings for the deposit on my upcoming bank loan. I also have to pay Tessan for the furniture I'm buying from her. And pay back my mother. And the student loan. (My mother, the student loan and my credit card are set to be paid off by the end of the year, but I still have to save money for it.) Kill me.

- Halloween. I'm invited to Hanna's party (sure, this might count as October) but I have to pack my stuff that weekend too, so I'm not sure I'll make it. I'm gonna be a pirate, though. Whether or not I'm going.

- Website. I'm on it. I need Paint Shop Pro back, though. All I have right now is Paint. And I can only paint bunnies with Paint.

My birthday dinner yesterday was awesome. They even brought presents for me, even though I never told most of them it was my birthday. I guess the ones who showed up knew it anyway.

Tomas, Jennie, Cyrus and I spent the rest of the night in Sky Bar at Radisson. It was raining, but my hair didn't frizz at all. Awesome night.

Sugar tomorrow. Come on, snow!
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