CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

[Drabble] Anna & Daniel

Title: Blueberries
Summary: Anna finds out another one of Daniel's secrets.
Notes: nygoldfish54 and I wrote a drabble about the same incident. Mine is rushed and hers is funnier.

Daniel nervously went back to the cabin where Anna was preparing a cobbler. They had been fighting earlier because Daniel had refused to help, and in her rage, Anna had sent him outside and told him not to bother coming back until he had found enough blueberries for the dessert she was making.

The woods were not exactly Daniel's natural habitat and finding blueberries was one of those things he assumed he would never have to spend time doing. He had kicked at stumps and fought with moss for over an hour before he realized that the chances of him actually finding anything on the ground were practically non-existent.

During a rather vicious confrontation with some shrubs, he had finally found enough berries to please Anna. Now he just had to convince her that it was her idea to reconcile, and everything would be perfect.

"Where have you been?" Anna asked sourly when he stepped through the door. Her hair was put in a ponytail and she was wearing her mother's green apron. There were spots of flour on her face.

Daniel held up his handful of berries and prepared to present his findings to her. "You told me not to return until I found something to put in your ridiculous pie."

Anna's eyes narrowed and she walked over to him. "I figured you wouldn't find anything. Or bother looking for it."

Daniel shrugged nonchalantly. He did not want her to know that he had turned himself inside out trying to find what she had asked him to bring back.

Anna grabbed his hands and made him open them. For a second she stared at the berries. Then she brought her face up to look at him. Her face did not express anger or annoyance over the fact that he had not found enough blueberries. She looked puzzled at first.

"But, Danny-" she started, and then she finally looked furious again. "Very funny."

"What?" he asked defiantly, knowing he had messed up somehow.

"You think it's clever coming back with this when I specifically asked you to-"

"It was all I could find!" he angrily cut her off. "Go back out there yourself if it wasn't enough!"

"Enough? This isn't even the right color!"

Daniel tried to keep up appearance but this revelation made him lose face. "I-it isn't?" he stuttered.

Anna observed him, before her face cracked into a big smile and she laughed shortly. "These berries are red. Couldn't you see that?"

Humiliated, Daniel stared down at his shoes. "No," he muttered.

Anna grabbed a bowl from the cupboard for him to drop his lingonberries in. Then she put her arms around his neck and kissed him gently on the cheek. "Daniel, honey, are you colorblind?"

"Just a little," he sighed dejectedly, displeased about having to reveal yet another weakness to her.

Anna smiled, realizing to what lengths Daniel were willing to go just to get on her good side again.
Tags: friends & family: kristine, writing: characters: daniel & anna, writing: drabbles
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