CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

(This Is Not) A Christmas Story (mostly because it's January now)

Grand total: 39,596

I finally finished the story. It took me about a month to complete it. It would have gone faster if the same ol' sex, drugs and rock 'n roll* lifestyle I lead hadn't gotten in the way.

I got in at least eight references to Glee, a re-write of Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me (I like my version better than the original, but that might be because it took FOREVER to do), a whole bunch of name references to nygoldfish54's stories that she probably won't even notice herself (but I still bother, haha) and both Oasis AND McFly. Could it be more awesome?

And I got through the entire story without using a single profanity, without killing anyone and without someone getting pregnant. The last 3,290 words I wrote tonight were also done while I was sobering up from a night out. The only downside is that Gmail ate the email with half the story, so I have to get it from work on Monday. And also that the story needs an epilogue, because it ends abruptly right before the final performance so you don't know whether they win or not. But eh. Later. It's done for now.

I would be more awesome if it wasn't 10 am and I promised to go shopping in a few hours. So I'm going to sleep now.

*Money, work and... eh, well, you know.
Tags: friends & family: kristine, music & concerts: pop, tv & movies: glee, writing: christmas story, writing: progress
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