CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

Random Masslagring

Alrighty. I had tons of stupid pictures on my cell phone that I at one point planned to write entries about.

1. Look at all the snow. That was about all I had to say about that.

2. Breaking news from my home town. When I lose my wallet, nobody cares. When people lose their wallet in Avesta, somebody writes an entire article about it.

3. I used to work here.

4. I made it down this hill alive, without falling. I was ridiculously proud over this fact.

5. This only makes sense in Swedish, but I desperately want to know which letter the Asian girl is supposed to have on her shirt. So random.

6. Yeah, this is an empty subway cart. Dude, I dunno.

7. Another thing that only makes sense in Swedish, but spoiler alert: I do NOT have what it takes. Friggin' thing made me late for work AND took up most of my living room floor.

8. This. I sent this picture to Moa. (She kind of broke it later that night, haha.)

9. From The Office. I locked myself in the bathroom at work with this note, scissors, homemade wrapping paper and a fake flower petal. It was lame, but it was SO me.

10. My locker.

From the top left corner:
1. Advice nygoldfish54 gave me once that gets me through the days. Printed word-for-word from an IM conversation.
2. A picture of this (awesome) horse and the (lame) horse outside of Solvalla. I won't say which is which. Made by Erik.
3. Flower thingy by Petra (I think).
4. I don't remember who made the yellow post-it.
5. Sketch of me, made by Johan.
6. Sorry to say, I don't remember who it was who thought I was wonderful :S
7. The heart, which is covered because there's a name in it that is better left unsaid (and forgotten), was made by Erik.
8. Henrik gave me something Coolt.
9. Daniel made the weird little man.
10. Yvette was the one who thought I was a superstar.

More after pizza time.
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