CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

To-Do List

Things I Gotta Do During My Vacation:

1. Clean bathroom
2. Clean oven
3. Clean everything
4. Give squirrels a bath
5. Water plants
6. Put away the converses so I won't do anything stupid with them, like leaving the house
7. Order gift for Yuphin
8. Send packages
9. Put away laundry
10. Eat lots of marmelade sandwiches
11. Book time at the dentist
12. Book time at skin therapist
13. Book time at doctor
14. Finish Carrie
15. Cancel movie channels
16. Fix bluetooth
17. Throw out ridiculously large garbage bag
18. Clean fridge
19. Clean couch
20. Dust everything
21. Give Yuphin her mail
22. Download pictures from camera
23. Charge batteries
24: Clean laptop
25: Call landlord about fridge and stupid silverfish
26: Call exterminator
27: Call landlord about weird rent
28: Cancel credit card x 2
29: Pay vaccuum bill

Will add more as they come.
Stand by Me is an awesome movie. "Shut up, FAT ASS!"
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