CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

[Lunar] <<< Fishie time >>>

I miss my little fishie,
I think of her all the time.
The way she swam in her bowl
and fought with her toys at night.
I wished she could live forever,
but wishes are hard to make real.
Now she’s not around anymore,
but I miss her very much.
I try to remember,
I hope she’s fine,
I hope she has fun in heaven.
But i miss her still,
I miss her bad,
I wish she could come back to me.
Pheebs, wherever you are,
I hope you know,
I love you more then life.
And i miss you very much.

Idag på väg till skolan spelades den där sången med hon från Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn, Sahlene tror jag hon heter.
Ibland är livet bra ironiskt, eller?
Tags: animals & nature: pets: phoebe, cj & life: lunarstorm, music & concerts: swedish music, writing: poems
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