CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

Hakuna Matata.

Quick update. I lost my calendar for the most part of the month (which is a serial you could follow closely on Twitter) so I've no idea what I've been up to. That calendar is the glue that keeps my life together. Anyway, I found it in the place I figured it was from the start but didn't search thorough enough.

I realized that I'm currently in possession of a completely problem-free life. No worries, no issues, no hissy-fits. It's relaxing and not stressful. And I'm not sarcastic. Although, that makes minor setbacks seem even huger than before.

I've not bought any Christmas gifts. I'm also required to buy something for 'Secret Santa' at work, but my budget doesn't really allow this. It's lame that I can't afford an extra 50.-, but I'd rather eat. Maybe I can pawn off one of the piggies.

In other news: I made pie last week and people liked it. Since most of my friends appears to be vegetarians for some reason, I made two meat-free pies for Matilda and Julia.

My mom would be so proud of me.

I planned to take lots of pictures but totally forgot. That's my one and only New Year's resolution: take more pictures.

Tomorrow Julia and I are invited to Sara's final show (she's studying hair/makeup at Björn Axén, who apperently died and did not tell me about it because I was sure he was the one calling me a cocker spaniel the other week). The theme is rainforest and Espen is her model. It'll be fun.

Also, I'm so awesome. People at the gym were like: "Ooh, I'm so awesome, today is my 100th group exercise of the year. Blah-dee-blah-awesome." And so I checked where my own awesomeness lay in all of this and guess what? 91 exercise occasions! That's a frequency of once a day. 22,8 passes a month. 69 hours and 50 minutes!

Since September 29!!

I'm so awesome. Suck on that, mister 100/year.

Okay, I'm done now.
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