CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

Mo' Money, Something-Something

Here's my wish-list. Actually, it's more of a to-do list since I'll be buying all this stuff myself, but eh.

- Portable harddrive. The first one filled up kind of immediately.
- Exercise clothes. I kind of broke the pants I use for spinning class, so I need new bike pants. And tons of other stuff I checked out at Stadium. Inlcuding one of those big bouncy balls.
- Boots. Made for walking, preferably.
- Bigger cage and new toys for the monsters.
- CLOTHES. But this is unlikely to happen, seeing as I'm trapped in shopaholic rehab.
- Movie tickets for Harry Potter. The rumours of the featured snakes had been greatly exaggerated, apparently.
- Books: Hall of Fame #26 and M2:an.
- A new camera.
- Actually, everything on this list. Still.
- A flower that never dies. I'm thinking plastic.
As per usual, will add more as my greed expands further.
- Nimue products. My face is falling apart as we speak.
Tags: clothes & shopping: shopaholic, health & looks: exercise, online & blog: lists, tv & movies: harry potter
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