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101 in 1001

So, here's a summary of how I did with the awesome 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days.
Accomplished is in bolded black. Failed is in bolded red. Italics are things I failed to do but am still attempting to finish within a year.

You can read about the first checkpoint here. It's rather pointless.

01. Sort out my life and stop being a homeless person
02. Move in with Jennie (before 2009)
03. Own an outfit for every occasion/put together a huge wardrobe exclusively with clothes that I'll want to wear at some point
     Huge wardrobe, yes. Find anything to wear at any given point, no. I'm a girl.
04. Get another tattoo (the lily tattoo and/or the paw print tattoo)
05. Open all mail immediately the day I get it and keep all important papers in the important-paper folder
06. Watch one new movie every month with a friend
07. Think before I speak without forgetting to actually say it once it makes sense
     Someone should have told me not to put nonconcrete things on this list.
08. Get the complete series of Freaks and Geeks on DVD
     Haven't been able to afford it yet. It can't be found anywhere in Stockholm. I looked. A lot.
09. Get a new gaming system with games that *I* like
     Haven't been able to afford it yet. I'm probably getting a Wii once I do, though. Mario!
10. Attend a hockey game at Madison Square Garden (let's not put the bar too high)
11. Bake something that can be eaten once it's done
12. Learn some sort of self-defense or get myself a stun gun
     But I'm taking up boxing as part of my training this term. So just wait a year.
13. Buy a proper vanity table or allow Mom to get one for me at one of those flea markets she insists on loving
14. Find/buy all episodes of Third Watch and Grey's Anatomy and watch them
     I got as far as season one and then I lost interest.
15. Read more of my friends' stories (at least one every month)
16. Buy a laptop and a flat screen TV
17. Take a course/class in anything that interests me
18. Put up pictures and paintings on the walls once I get my own place
19. Sell all the things I have no use for anymore
     I did, but things are starting to pile up again.
20. Learn how to drink wine elegantly and enjoy drinking without getting drunk
21. Get my driver's license
22. Buy all the classic Disney movies
23. Get over my irrational fear of chewing gum
24. Fix my own things – sew in a button myself instead of having my mommy do it for example
25. Own a real bed and not the kind where the legs could cave in at any moment
     At one point I did, but then I moved again and have had to sleep on a mattress on the floor ever since.
26. Learn how to juggle and/or learn a cool trick
     Pelle promised to do it but he went off and moved to Barcelona.
27. Keep a plant alive for more than three months
     They just recently started to mass-die, but it still counts.
28. When/if the plant survives – get a goldfish
     I upped it and got Rambo and Éowyn instead.
29. Stop whining so much about my awesome life
30. When in doubt, trust the big yellow dog and all the stars above (and stop asking my dead relatives for favors through prayer when all I want is a cab or an umbrella)

31. Take a walk every month
32. Drink milk twice a week and a glass of water every day
     This went quite well up until the point where I became lactose intolerant.
33. Eat better/healthier/more than once a day
34. Cook my own meal at least once every week
35. Go to the optician and force the bastard to fix my sight
     I got the glasses, so it still counts even if I never use them.
36. Exercise/workout/swim twice every month (don't forget not to drown, dumbass)
37. Sort out my sleeping problems and get drugs so I'm not up for three straight days in the middle of a working week
38. Go to physical therapy for my foot within three months
39. Spend more time outdoors and go outside at least once every day
40. Go to the dental hygienist twice a year – and floss (preferably more than twice a year)
41. Do something about my clumsiness and try not to get a major injury more than once every six months so I have time to heal in-between
     No major injury in a while though, woo!
42. Cure my "brain tumor" – do something about my speech impediment and decrease in vocabulary before people think I'm retarded
     I still use incomplete sentences and five minute long pauses while I think of the right word to use.
43. Remove my makeup before bed and use skin care products

44. Not have more than three major differences a year
     Fuck you, 2010.
45. Work abroad
46. Stay at the same company for at least two years (not sure how to combine 45 & 46… magic?)
     Entering week 174 now. That's 1224 days, people. Only 42 years, 1 month and 19 days until retirement.
47. Not lose my patience to the point of screaming in a guest/customer's face

48. Apply for History A and French classes
49. Do the stupid "SAT"/Högskoleprovet (2009)
     I got a 1.1, which is three points higher than the dumbass score I got in 2004.
50. Apply to a university course that I'm eligible for and would want to take and get in to
     I did not get in.

51. Plan a great party and/or present for Mom's 50th birthday (July 13th 2008)
52. See Jennie at least once every third month
     Well, she lives with me now, that made it easier...
53. Meet up with a friend at least once every week
     I've had a thousand friends coming and going through my life during these past two years. Most of them disappear without a trace, making #59 very tricky.
54. Visit Kristine and Kathleen
     I met Kristine in August '10. I did not see Kathleen, but not for lack of attempts from my side.
55. Plan things to do with Mom (and she has to like some of the things we do, too)
     Italy, flea markets, Dalarö, Eddie Oliva, Fjärilsvägen, The Butterfly House and various other events.
56. Visit grandparents once every year unless they die or something
     They died. W.O.
57. Baby-sit when I'm asked and/or try to get along better with small children (or any children, whatever)
58. Answer all letters, E-mails and text messages within three days of receiving them
59. Keep in touch with at least three people I know today
     Robin, Jennie and holy crap I can't even think of a third Anna. Co-workers aside. The possible contenders (Therese, Sara, Petra, Chaman, Olga, Julia) were all lost in the shadows.
60. Visit the cemetery at least once a year and plant a flower or lit a candle without starting a fire
61. Only turn down invitations when I really can't go ('cause I'm such a wanted person, you know)
62. Go to or organize a real crayfish party
63. Start answering/using my phone unless I'm really not in the mood for that kind of shit
64. Meet more of my online friends
65. Call Mom at least twice every month
66. Go on a real vacation with Mom (preferably in another country but doesn't have to be – other people should probably come too so we won't kill each other)
67. Buy nice birthday/Christmas presents for all the people I care about (especially Mom/Jennie/Patrik/Mathias/Malin)
68. Send at least five holiday cards and send them in July instead of December

69. Go whitewater rafting again
70. Go to New York
71. Go outside of Europe
72. Visit Norway so I've been there at least once in my life
73. Visit at least five different countries
     Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Greece, USA, England.
74. Go skydiving and/or defy my fear of heights in any way I can at every opportunity I get
     Drop ride, is all I'm saying. Death anxiety is another.
75. Go snowboarding/skiing
76. Visit amusement parks at least once every year
     2008. 2009 + 2009. I missed it in '10, but went to the zoo instead. I'm going to count that one.
77. Go to five concerts
     Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, The Carnivales x 3 (Ambassadeur, Debaser, Scandic Malmen). I never specified that it had to be different artists/bands.

78. Write more (500 words every week)
     So much failure. SO MUCH. I didn't write anything in 2010 except a silly drabble with future!Daniel.
79. Publish something (short story, chronicle, picture of my old aunt's ass, whatever)
80. Participate in NaNoWriMo '08 & '09
     Participated with What Happened In Vegas in '08, and Working Title: Jack in '09.
81. Finish Resurrection
     I didn't even read through the damn thing.
82. Start and finish a novel
83. Write a part every week for the story I'm currently working on
84. Figure out where the library is and then visit it once every month
     I buy what I want to read. Ownage rules.
85. Take more pictures
     It went quite well until 2010. I guess I didn't want to document that year. Still, an improvement from the years before 2008!
86. Organize photos and put them in albums
87. Get my music library in order and find/download all songs I like
88. Read at least one new book every month
     I bought a bunch of books that I planned on reading, though.
89. Make a blog entry at least once every month
90. Update the website at least once every third month
     I keep forgetting that I have a website that needs work.

91. Play the lottery/Lotto at least one week every month (and win)
92. Buy and own my own apartment and nice furniture (that won't make my rooms look like a page out of the IKEA catalog)
     The only thing I managed to do was to get my own apartment. But it's just a rental.
93. Set up new stock portfolio
94. Save at least 10% of my paycheck every month and put all spare change in Mr. Piggy and not buy Coke for every 5.- I get my paws on
     The first part went fine. I'll choose to consider the rest as a flippant suggestion rather than serious. Also, I never stated that I couldn't use the money at some point during the save.
95. Recycle more and don't throw away things/food unnecessarily
     I recycle but I don't have any mercy for leftovers. Ick
96. Get a grownup debit/credit card (Bank Visa)
97. Pay off my Mastercard every month
     I did, and also cut the sucker in half.
98. Pay 10.- and kick myself mentally every time I let myself be awkward and do stupid things that makes me go *headdesk* when I think back on it
99. Pay 50.- 20.- every time I break a promise (sadly, I would be broke within a week so I have to lower the limit)
100. Pay 20.- every time I tell a goddamn dirty lie

101. Pay 100.- for every accomplished item on the list and 150.- for every incomplete task I've managed to screw up somehow (on the list!)

Last four are cut because they're not achievable and also, stupid idea from the start.
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