CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

Ski Trip!

Picture from last year's hoopla.

Today I'm going skiing with Yuphin and some people from work. We're going to Romme Alpin in Dalarna. And even though Yuphin has never gone skiing before she still wanted to tag along, which is awesome.

Don't worry, I'm bringing my phone along in the slopes for the sole purpose of catching her attempts on film.

In preparation of this fun time I've spent almost 24 hours trying to go back to sleep. Dreams about everything imaginable under the sun popped into my brain. I guess the ability to sleep during the night wasn't something that was programmed into my mind at any point. But at least I get to wear pigtails!

Anyhow, I'm going to eat like an idiot now and then go to work. Considering how ironic my life persists to be, I'm the one who's coming home in a cast tonight, not Yuphin.

Tags: friends & family: yuphin, fun & festivities: ski trip, health & looks: sleep, xxx
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