CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

*You're* not real, man!

Jennie, Julia, Anna, Robin and I went to see Tangled in 3D tonight. We had dinner at O'Learys before the movie started, ribs yum. Because of my stupid ponies and the fit they had this morning, I didn't get to sleep until NOON after my night shift.

Beware, slight spoilers: The movie was pretty good and funny, but nothing special. I liked the scene with the lanterns (this is the first movie I've seen in 3D, so everything was a little loopy) but I didn't like how they handled the ending with Mother Gothel. I thought it was obvious that she really cared about Rapunzel even though she was mean-spirited, and she deserved a chance to make amends. Rapunzel was just a little too quick to turn her back against the woman who had raised her all her life, and it seemed more like a heated mother-daughter fight to me until the movie exaggerated the whole scene. They could have just taught her a lesson and have her come with Rapunzel when she returned to the castle. She wasn't really evil until the last five minutes she was in. Anyway, those are just my 'adoptive parents are the same as real parents' issues, so other than that I enjoyed the movie. 3D FTW!

We decided to go to O'Learys some other day to go bowling or play pool in their arcade. I also saw a couple of people from work who seemed to be having an Asian hang-out. I guess they travel in pack or something?

I have no other great plans for this weekend. I finished a ton of comic books this week. Season eight of Buffy took me two days to finish. It was as addictive as Jurassic Park. I also read 300 and Calvin and Hobbes. Next on the list are Kick-Ass, Thunderbolts and some Batman albums. I have no idea what I was doing before I discovered memory sticks and comics. Needless to say, I more now than ever want to be a superhero when I grow up.

Oh yeah. The point was that I finished 300, so I'm going to watch the movie and see if makes sense this time. I remember watching it when it came out and thinking how boring it was. Maybe it's more interesting now when I know what the hell it's all about.

Also, Glee this week was, except for the awesomeness that is Rachel Berry/Lea Michele, nothing memorable at all. Like Creed would say: "His head came clean off. Then we had a funeral for a bird."
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