CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

Truth or Dare

Two weeks ago I invited my friends to empty the liquor cabinet, which turned into a five hour drinking binge/elaborate game of Truth or Dare. This is what was up with that:

Cocktails (Apple Sourz, vodka and Sprite).

We found an app for Truth and Dare. We chose the dirty questions.

Jenny with a San Fransisco.

I had to trade my belt with Robin. Mine fit around his arm.

Robin had to spin and then kiss the girl he stopped at.

Anna right before Robin put an ice cube down her shirt.

Things got even more blurry by the third hour.

Jenny, Robin and I finished a bottle of Jaegermeister.

This was a joint effort.

Jenny had to draw something dirty on Jennie. I think she attempted to sign it, too.

Kristine was also at the party, albeit rather unwillingly (I don't remember most of the following exchange):

NYgoldfish54 (02:09:50): hang on
NYgoldfish54 is available (02:10:34)
Campciabatta (02:10:35): nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
NYgoldfish54 (02:10:42): what
Campciabatta (02:10:53): you disappeared
NYgoldfish54 (02:11:19): i came back in like 30 seconds
Campciabatta (02:11:26): ï knlwww
Campciabatta (02:11:31): know
NYgoldfish54 (02:11:33): lol
Campciabatta (02:11:42): dude i'm drunmk
NYgoldfish54 (02:11:51): apparently
Campciabatta (02:12:35): well i'm treying to censur the worsdt bitsl. it's hard
Campciabatta (02:12:47): worst bits
NYgoldfish54 (02:12:49): lol
Campciabatta (02:14:37): my mom gets here at 12.oo and my drunk friend is here and i'm drunk to... succcess!!!!!!!111
NYgoldfish54 (02:14:50): good job
Campciabatta (02:15:01): sorry. the 111 wasn't sarcastic
NYgoldfish54 (02:15:10): lol
Campciabatta (02:19:54): drunk
NYgoldfish54 (02:20:03): yup thats obvious
Campciabatta (02:22:16): well you know everytghing where's mty cell phone
Campciabatta (02:22:32): foun it
NYgoldfish54 (02:24:16): good good
Campciabatta (02:25:43): you're just being nice. i just couldn't find backspace. other wise my message would go like this. in lovve t
Campciabatta (02:25:50): :
Campciabatta (02:26:00): i love you'
NYgoldfish54 (02:26:13): yes ok
NYgoldfish54 (02:26:18): i kind of get that
Campciabatta (02:27:16): cool
NYgoldfish54 is available (03:08:59)
NYgoldfish54 (03:09:03): passed out?
NYgoldfish54 is offline (06:31:51)
(I was not passed out, I just forgot to turn off my laptop before I went to bed... True story.)

Other horrified party guests included:

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