CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

06:34 am

This is what's happening at 06:34 am a Monday morning:

Censored for boring reasons.

In case this doesn't look familiar at all, I can tell you that it was at one point Some Things Fantastic, a story of 92,000+ words. The red stuff is the 900 words I've edited so far. For those keeping the score at home, that's a finished product of 0,1%. So, this USED TO be a story called Some Things Fantastic, but will from now on be called Pain In My Butt. Considering 90% of the story won't even be there because I edited it out, I'd say that's only fair. The good news is that when I'm done, I still have the sequel of 93,000+ words to edit. And the prequel, of a mere 50,000+ words. And of course six other, unrelated stories.

The rest of the household is doing this:

Tags: friends & family: rambo & éowyn, writing: progress, xxx
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