CJ (campciabatta) wrote,


So, if the first day of the year is any indication to how the rest of the year will be: I didn't shower, my hair was in a ponytail, I dressed in yesterday's clothes, ate tons of food and watched a game of football that I didn't quite understand.

In other words: dirty, fat and confusing. Hello, 2012.

On the positive side, I am in New York and I did spend the whole day with one of my best friends. And there was food (honestly, who the hell cares if I get fat as long as I get to eat?)!

And tomorrow I'm going into Manhattan to see an old co-worker of mine. And on Thursday nygoldfish54 and I are going to Vegas.

2011 was a fail, blog-wise. I'll try to change that for this year.

Bye, 2011, you wonderful lump of average. Bring it, 2012.
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