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I feel like there's so much going on right now that I don't have to care about right this second, but will probably be crucial once I arrive in Stockholm on Sunday.

I registered for my university classes with the help of a co-worker and apparently there's something I need to do. Oh, well.

Apparently 2: Work related happenings en masse. Three different union related incidents, co-workers' adventures, the trainee program - opening my mail on Monday should be a hoot.

My guinea-pigs, who have spent their vacation at my mom's house, being fed beyond all reason, need to diet and exercise. Mom told me Éowyn tried to bite her during a particularly action-packed moment of claw-clipping. E never tried to bite neither me nor Jennie whenever we tried to clip her claws (or at all, for that matter), so I guess that needs to be investigated.

There's no food in my fridge once I get home. I don't know whether I'll be going to a union membership instruction the following week, or if my leave was granted, or what my class schedule is, or if I need to apply for educational leave, or whether any of the things I tried to take care of before I left was actually taken care of - and right now it's not something I bother to think about.

It's all going to explode all over next week anyway, so I'm just going to enjoy my last few days at nygoldfish54's house, read my books and eat unhealthy food.

Next week is the beginning of two years' booty camp. No more vacations, shopping sprees, gifts, or spendings of any kind. Next week I start working as much as I can, extra shifts, extra work-related tasks, extra everything you can think of. Next week I won't have time to eat, sleep, shop, travel or waste any money at all for two years or until I can buy my own apartment. FOCUS.

So chaos? I know you're waiting in the wings, off stage, for your cue, and I say bring it on. But I won't say it until I wake up on Monday January 16th.

Until then: Peace and quiet and absolutely no worries whatsoever.

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