CJ (campciabatta) wrote,


Now, with the boring stuff out of the way: Vegas was AWESOME.

Things we saw included, but was not limited to: Viva Elvis!, Red Rock Canyon, lion cubs, Bellagio and its fountain, the back alleys of the Charleston Boulevard and big darn snakes in the middle of the street. The last part was less awesome and more terrifying.

We also ate the best food ever at RM Seafood, courtesy of nygoldfish54's equally awesome parents.

The Hard Rock Hotel was great, and cheap, considering how big (and clean) the room was.

And, oh yeah, we gambled for the total amount of $10!

(For those interested, I found Wolf Run and made Kristine try it.)

And yes, it made me feel a bit homesick. I am a dork.

Relevant pictures might show up as soon as I've figured out how my new camera works. No breaths held, you guys, promise!
Tags: friends & family: kristine, traveling & holidays: vegas
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