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Stuff that happened in January

Sad Jansson. Anyway, I have sort of misplaced the installation disc to my new camera, and somewhat the camera itself too, so I haven't gotten around to the pictures yet. They're probably awesome though.

Status: Guinea-pigs - alive. Food intake - lambchop frenzy. Sleep ratio - would be better if random idiots stopped ringing our door bell.

January was almost exclusively dedicated to work as soon as I stepped off the plane from Zurich. These are the tales I bring you:

To be perfectly honest, most of my vacation was spent working with concerns regarding my new trade union organization. I hid away for hours in 'my' room and read up on everything there is to know about HRF.

Yes, I finally gave in and accepted that, while my official trade is cashier, I belong to the trade union for hotels and restaurants through the company I work for. And since my new union have the most unemployed members compared to all the other unions, my fee got considerably higher. Yay. (It's okay. I'm rich.)

I also got words from one of the representatives at work that I'm nominated for the committee at the annual meeting this Tuesday. Should be interesting.

As it were, as soon as I got back from New York I was sent on a three day long training course. It was interesting and educational, and I made new friends. There was food, too. Most importantly, I learned new things about our collective wage agreement - and all collective wage agreements in general, really. It's my new favorite thing.

I have an entire notebook to decipher (apparently I have the worst hand-writing imaginable) before I can call myself educated, but at least I'll sleep well knowing I know more than 90% of my co-workers.

My friend Sofia, who so awesomely offered to register me for classes while I was in US, was treated to a yummy dinner as a thank you.

After asking around on Twitter, my new Google, we were sent in the direction of the dumpling bar Potstickers. Despite the excess of vegetables, I thought it was a keeper. The only downside was that you could only choose two different kinds of dumplings from their menu; I wanted to mix everything. But I'm a food monster, I guess.

Sofia then took me to get some kind of ecological (or something) chocolate cheese cake, and we decided to institute Game Night. Neither of us own a Monopoly, though, so we need to get organized first.

Dammit, I need to stop eating these Babybel cheeses. So addictive. Well, anyway: Potstickers = a keeper.

Jennie and I are sprucing up our bathroom. It's less weird than it sounds. Basically, we're making it less depressing and dirty. Considering she spends more time in there than she does in the rest of the apartment, it's probably a good thing.

Plan A: Buy colorful things. Some new towels. A toothbrush stand. A bottle holder.

Plan B: A tiny little cupboard under the sink where we can store Harry Potter the guinea-pigs' pooper scooper and other sexy stuff.

Plan B was good in theory. We don't have a car, so we have to buy small furniture and bring it home on the bus. That was a bitch and a half. The next bitch was the assembling. I hate IKEA and their stupid business idea. Anyway, we managed to put it all together without tears or fighting.

What next? The damn thing doesn't fit under our sink. No, serious. It says on their website: Good to know: fits under most wall-mounted sinks. Legs included.

Botkyrkabyggen does NOT mount their sinks on the wall. Just FYI. So now we have a stupid little cupboard just standing around our kitchen looking sad.

Look at the picture. Like it? Let me know and it's yours.

What else? I have new boots and they are called Serena. I wear a cool hat outside because it's cold. I'm going on the annual ski trip with work next month. No injuries planned this time. Our staff party is planned for the 13th, so that should be interesting. My new safety reflector is in the shape of a T-rex.

Good enough update. See ya.
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