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7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Yes, I’m starting off with an obvious and objective age-old debate. I love dogs. But as Sassy would say: “Dogs drool and cats rule.” Of course, she’s a cat, so obviously she would say that.

In her case, I tend to agree.

7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

1. Ever heard of a guard cat? Unless you buy a lion, there’s little to nothing a cat would do if an intruder attacks you. The cat would save itself first and come to your rescue second. Cats don’t run into houses to save babies. They don’t help people trapped under debris. They take naps.

2. Cats don’t do tricks. I’m sure they’re smart enough to learn them; they just choose to refuse to do anything on command. If I was an animal I would probably be a cat and not a dog, but that doesn’t change the fact that I want an obedient companion. It just won’t do that I’m the second most selfish creature in the household.

3. Cats are sneaky and unreliable. They jump up on stuff, they appear out of nowhere and all of a sudden a claw finds its way into your leg. I can’t snuggle with something that makes me unsure whether this is the day my eyes will be clawed to hell. I grew up in a home with dogs, and have never had a cat or spent more than a few hours with one. The longest interaction I’ve had with a cat was with Mitzi, Jennie’s cat. During a sleepover at her place, Mitzi took a nap on my face while I was sleeping, clearly trying to smother me to death. She also chewed on my toes. Cats are unreliable.

4. Cat poop smells worse than dog poop. It’s a scientific fact (you have to look it up yourself because I can’t remember where I read it, but still). And cats don’t go outside to do their business, unless they’re one of those crazy outdoorsy types that bring home dead rats and squirrels. And unless you clean your home obsessively every day, it’s going to smell.
And yes, dogs sure are smelly sometimes too. But it’s less of a struggle giving them a bath, because it probably won’t be a life-or-death struggle.

5. Puppies and kittens are equally cute, BUT puppies grow up to show tons of expressions. Cats have two modes: grumpy and/or smug. I do agree that newborn kittens are cuter than newborn puppies, though. Puppies look like sticky, blind lumps. Kittens, less so.

6. There aren’t many activities you can do with a cat. My cat would probably not appreciate being dragged outside on a snowy winter’s day to play. It certainly wouldn’t like going for a swim or go jogging.

7. Cats don’t like me. I’m sure they are affectionate at times, but I never met a cat that wanted me to be within touching distance of it. Dogs turn around when I walk by them and want me to play with them (maybe because I always have traces of doggy treats in my pockets after playing with Stingy). They wag their little tails and look happy to see me. Cats look like they can’t be bothered.
Actually, cats and children sort of behave the same around me, which is why I avoid all of them at any cost. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals and I’m always nice to cats when we touch base, but it’s clear no matter how much miaoing and fur stroking goes down, neither of us trust the other one.

Me with cats.

Me with dogs.

Since the last time I was around a cat (the pet fair notwithstanding) was over a year ago, and to be absolutely fair, I asked Jennie, a cat person, why she thinks cats are better than dogs.

6 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs – by Jennie

1. Dogs are noisy. They pant and they growl and they bark and go crazy when someone’s at the door. Cats are generally silent, which is why you never know where they are.

2. Dogs require baths. It gets messy and you get wet, and then they do that shrug-water-everywhere that they do. Cats clean themselves and are somehow never really that dirty.

3. Cats can be super affirmative and loyal. There are cats that follow you anywhere and come when you call them, even if it’s not dinner time.

4. Cats are simpler to deal with. They don’t require any training or special care other than food, a bed and maybe a couple of toys. They take care of themselves.

5. Cats are fun. They go to sleep in strange places; they crawl into cupboards and chips bags. They play with anything they can find and are generally just a damn hoot.

6. Jennie grew up in a home with cats. Just like I grew up in a home with dogs. And I think that’s what seals the deal.

All that aside, the most awesome scenario is after all when a dog and a cat become the bestest of friends and have fun together! Yay!

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