CJ (campciabatta) wrote,

The Perfect Recipy for Never Having Thai Food Again

Ah, this week was relaxing in the way that river rafting is relaxing. I started a new physical therapy group that killed me, I had a life draining meeting, and then I managed to get myself sick. So I'm going to tell you the exact steps for making yourself sick, too.

The Perfect Recipy in 10 Easy Steps

1) Don't eat anything during the day except homemade chocolate-marzipan thingies
2) Go to a restaurant where they only serve a) food you don't like b) food that's too spicy*
3) Eat only a little because of the reasons stated above
4) Drink some wine* on a basically empty stomach
5) Have a good time up until you:
6) Get sick from the food/alcohol combination, get a weird fever and,
7) To cure the fever, dump a glass of water on your face (not in public!)
8) Throw up a lot
9) Still be feeling sick two days later, which for a hang over is not humanly possible unless you drink moonshine from a gas tank
10) Feel sorry for yourself

I'm sorry all you people who already thinks I'm weird about this, but I'm never ever ever EVER eating Thai food ever again. Ever.

Maybe not even rice.


* In my case, spicy means more than just salt. And when you ask people at a Thai restaurant whether the food is spicy and they say no, it probably still is.

* Some wine means not more than usual (and I was not on any painkillers). I once drank a bottle myself and the only thing that happened was that I had to pee a lot.
Tags: food & restaurants: asian food
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